Re: What I can't stand about Politifake

Postby WTFO » Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:19 pm

Alright, I tried to be nice but you want to be a little prick. My advice about calling people names is out of a desire to be respectful. Apparently, at no time in your VAST 4 1/2 yrs on active duty did you learn any respect. On your 'positions':

Again you cling to the BS that the UN is the only source of law. That is a stupid position for anyone to take especially someone who claims they defending the US Constitution for 4 1/2 yrs. The UN repeated acts against the national interests of the US and is a complete limp-d*** when it comes to protecting any member nation from hostile action. For a recent example, N. Korea's two acts of war on S. Korea in the past year. What do we hear from the UN...crickets. US imperialism? Stupid talking point from the left. It has no merit or truth behind it. It is easly debunked as a pathetic argument based on the fact that we don't keep the land we fight for in recent wars. We give it back to the people.

Fine, you're not a Dem. However, most of the Dem party are closet socialists based on their actions, words and policies. It's easy to lump you in together since you agree on so many points. The main difference is that you are stupid enough to self-identify as a supporter of the socialist policies that have failed around the world for centuries. If you're a socialist, then fine go to another country that agrees with you. That Constitution you swore an oath to protect and defend established a government system based on capitalism. Pathetic losers tend to support socialism because they are either too lazy to earn their way or they are cowards who can't handle a system based on competition and merit.

Claiming that my restatements of what the Geneva conventions state are a logic fallacy and that I'm "full of s***" shows that either you are completely ignorant of the laws of war or that you are a liar. Either way, my facts stand and your BS attacks show you are pathetic and have no evidence to back up your claims.

It is noted that you didn't provide any evidence to counter the facts I provided on the "destruction of the economy", any "violation of human rights", or your assertion that people against Obama's policies are racist.

Again, you are correct that you're free to say what you want (by and large) here. My advice did not come from my "thin skin", it comes from someone who knows that most people deserve personal or professional respect. That is until they prove they don't deserve it like you have, you ignorant little punk. Your behavior shows that you have no respect for anyone or even yourself. You are a disgrace to the uniform you once wore.

I attempted to help you with some advice here because some of us want to have a decent conversation with people with different views. You are not capable or worthy of such respect. I am done with you because I have no time for trolls and haters.

Piss off kid!
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Re: What I can't stand about Politifake

Postby DLM4 » Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:20 pm

Timthesocialist wrote:
WTFO wrote:Obama is the worst president ever? Worse than Bush and his illegal wars, patriot act, destruction of the economy, violation of human rights, violation of international law and the Geneva conventions. And all Obama had to do was be born black to incur your hatred. Stupid f***.

Timthesocialist messing with WTFO's statement wrote:Wow, where to begin on this uninformed rant? I'll stick to your order:

Neither of Bush's wars were illegal.
--We were attacked on 9/11 by terrorists from within Afghanistan. Also, the Afghani govt supported these terrorists and would not turn them over. Hence, we retaliated (nothing illegal there).
--In Iraq, we have actually been in a combat engagement with Saddam since the Gulf War. These include Operations PROVIDE COMFORT I & II, SOUTHERN WATCH, and NORTHERN WATCH. Saddam had repeatedly ignored and defied UNSC demands to prove he destroyed his bio and chem weapons. On Nov 8 2002, UNSC Resolution 1441 offered Saddam "a final opportunity to comply with its disarmament obligations" and it also stated "the Council has repeatedly warned Iraq that it will face serious consequences as a result of its continued violations of its obligations" by the way this resolution was adopted unanimously. The UNSC issued the ground rules for the engagement of Iraq if they refused to meet their obligations. When Saddam flipped off the UNSC again, the US and 39 other nations created the Multi-National Force (MNF) that went in to back up the UNSC's threat of "serious consequences" when the UN showed once again that it didn't have any testicles and was willing to be bullied by a dictator.
Both wars were illegal. More examples of American imperialism. The UN was lied to directly and boldly by the US. Many countries were skeptical, and asked us to show restraint. The fact that you still try to defend the un-defendable is incredibly insane. Americans are not the gods of this world, and if we expect other nations to abide by the rules, ie the UN then we must as well.
The Patriot Act:
--While some parts concern me, most of it was valid and lawful. Let's look at the wire taps that get liberals/socialists all wrapped around the axle. The wire taps are on phone lines where one end is a terrorist and the other is potentially a US citizen. They don't care about your conversation with you pot dealer or with you neighbor about stealing cable. They are targeted against terrorists. If you're talking with one, then you've given up your right to privacy because you are not the main target, the terrorist on the other line is. BTW, are you angered about Pres Obama's expansion of the Patriot Act once he was sworn in? He campaigned hard against it, yet he has grown its reach. Are you going to man up and stand against him on this topic or do you completely lack integrity?
I am not happy about many of the weaknesses of Obama. Like I have said many times on this site and elsewhere that I am not a Democrat yet you cons seem to have trouble understanding that all socialist does not = democrat
Destruction of the economy:
--A complete liberal falsehood. Here's a well researched article that explains the Dems and Obama's BS on this topic they successfully sold to Americans who don't think or do their own homework. http://questioningwithboldness.wordpres ... the-ditch/

Violation of human rights:
--Provide examples. I have no idea what you're referencing.

Violation of international law and the Geneva conventions:
--Ah, another complete distortion by the left. As an AD military member who is trained on the Geneva conventions and international law when it comes to warfare, I assure you there is no truth to your assertion here. The Geneva conventions were designed to set rules for engagement while minimizing impact to civilians and noncombatants. It also sets rules for the humane treatment of POWs (unlike terrorists chopping off heads, and burning corpses of people hanging from bridges). Finally, is defines people engaged in and impacted by warfare: combatants, noncombatants. The terrorists we are fighting are actually defined as illegal combatants by their actions. Therefore, they are not afforded any protections under international law or the Geneva conventions. They are in fact, war criminals. Here's the real fun part for you liberals: war criminals, according to international law are to be tried by a military tribunal (either an international one or by the country that captured them). This is great, because it's the left in this country that has been blocking the military tribunals in order to give them civilian trials. The problem with civilian trials is that they are governed by the Constitution which sets forth rights for US citizens, not international war criminals. We also see how well Obama and Holder's civilian trials worked with the African embassy bomber: Ahmed Ghailani was aquitted of 284 counts (including 224 counts of murder) and only convicted of "conspiracy to destroy U.S. government buildings" which could end up as little as 20 yrs behind bars. A true testiment to Obama, Holder and a majority of the left's position that terrorism is a matter for law enforcement versus the military. Also, the 9/11 commission concluded that one of the major failings leading up to 9/11 was the US treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue instead of a military concern. The terrorists are at war with us. Obama's denial of that fact doesn't change that we are in a war, not a 'overseas contingency'.
Dont try to use that logical fallacy on me. I until a couple of months ago was for over four and a half years active duty military, and I know that you are full of s***.
Finally, Obama being born black:
--While some people are racist and voted against Obama because he is black, I have seen little on this site that supports the membership here cares about his race. When a racist shows up, they are usually attacked immediately from the conservatives. Also, it is fair to say that one of the main reasons Obama was elected was due to 95% of blacks voting for him. While not all of them voted for him just because he was black, many did use that as the basis of their votes. Therefore, racist votes helped President Obama. If anyone voted for or against any candidate primarily based on skin color, then they are a racist. Period.

Bring facts, cut down on the lies and personal attacks on members. Name-calling isn't helpful and eventually, you'll just be talking to yourself.

I will say exactly what I want, and your little "Dont use dirty language" BS is ridiculous. YOu need to man up and stop being so goddamned thin skinned. And you say youre in the military, ha

:offtopic: dude lay off, this is site for the discussion of politics not blatent attacks against other members who are trying to provide you with advice. so calm down and keep to politics. also i'm not sure i've seen you around here before so :welcome:
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Re: What I can't stand about Politifake

Postby RonE » Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:09 am

Timthesocialist wrote:
RonE wrote:
This site is totally overrun by Obama haters who can't find it in them to stand by the President in the crisis the country is facing.

Obama is the worst president ever? Worse than Bush and his illegal wars, patriot act, destruction of the economy, violation of human rights, violation of international law and the Geneva conventions. And all Obama had to do was be born black to incur your hatred. Stupid f***.

Ahh, there you go showing your ignorance. You think this is about color. No one gives a s*** what color Obama is.

Do not project your hatred onto others. Stop trying to toss a race card on every thing. It really shows that you are an uneducated backwater POS dumbass who couldn't thing their way out of a wet paper bag.

I wonder who, which party, continued the Patriot Act? BTW, The Patriot Act would have NEVER PASSED into law without democratic support. Neither would have the war in Iraq/Afghanistan. It is that simple. Regardless of what your limited understanding of how things work actually... do work. And by the way.. for the record.. The Patriot Act is one of the most anti-American pieces of legislation to ever make it into a law and anyone that has a friggen brain, love their freedom, liberty, and all that American dream jazz SHOULD be against it, fight it, and do what they can to oppose it.

You want want to turn that mirror of projected hatred onto yourself. But I think perhaps like too many liberals you do not have the courage to do so. Now.. go cry foul to your mommy and daddy Obama. I am sure they will be more than happy to try and pass a law that tells me I cannot hurt your feelings, contradict you, or disagree with you.
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